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MYPOP, your own agile coach and the world’s first AI-powered agile copilot tool for small to large enterprises 

OUR STACK: C#, Python, Tailwind CSS, and Laravel.


Today’s enterprises, especially those with geographically dispersed, cross-functional teams, are grappling with significant challenges that stifle productivity and impede growth.

So, the client approached TRCOMS with a software challenge to create the world’s first AI-powered Agile coaching tool, designed to revolutionize how enterprises operate. By combining the power of AI to create a tool that identifies productivity barriers, devises tailored agile strategies, and offers real-time recommendations to produce effective workflows.

The main challenge was to create a user-friendly interface with technology that is scalable and easy to transform for both small and large enterprises.


The TRCOMS team was responsible for each stage of bringing the idea to life, from ideation, design to coding and testing.
The AI-powered platform analyses all team interactions and project activities through meeting platforms, chat, and project portals to provide tailored recommendations driven by Agile methodologies. It utilizes advanced data analytics to continuously monitor and evaluate the team’s performance..


Covid 19 has brought revolution into the world, where things that are not of value becomes more valuable to humans, bringing about human centred solution that solves human needs.

Scenario 1:
A football club would like to keep their supporters and followers up to date on upcoming matches

Scenario 2:
A UK resident would like to sponsor a child’s education in Africa but would like to be kept updated on the wellbeing and progress of the child.

Scenario 3:
A donor would like to know the percentage of their donation going to the charity / project they donate to, platform and admiu

Delivered Solution

Designed and developed an AI Agile Copilot, web app and a bot that works with Video conferencing tools, (Microsoft Teams…), Project management tools (JIRA) and Slack , which gives recommendation on how teams can be more productive using Agile principles, based on people, process and tools.

The MVP (minimum viable product) platform was released to the client to seek further investment. It was presented at the Lisbon Web Summit 2023 and at Qatar Websumit, where it received generous feedback from attendees


User friendly Interface
Authentication using Single Sign-on and LinkedIn
AI-Bot for meeting notes and agenda- creation
3-way Integrations: Slack integration, Microsoft teams integration and Jira integration
ChatGPT Integration
Dashboard for reporting
Real-Time Recommendations
Security and Data Privacy, including Multi-factor authentication and SSL
Notification via web and email

July 8th, 2022
Design / Development
Mypop AI Copilot